Military Retirement Blueprint by USVW
Military Retirement Blueprint by USVW

Welcome to the Military Retirement Blueprint by US VetWealth

Learn About Unique Financial Solutions to the Common Military Retirement Pay & Benefits Questions


Are you a retiring military officer or NCO frustrated with the lack of useful and actionable financial & benefits guidance before, during, or after your retirement?

Every day we meet retiring senior officers who had thought their financial advisors had set them up on a path for retirement. Only to discover they had done financial planning for the wrong retirement.

The traditional long-term financial planning model of saving and investing for 30 years without guarantees isn't an effective way to manage money for high-income military retirees. 

You have a unique financial situation that requires a different approach that takes into account your shorter retirement timeline, unique talents, and retirement pay and benefits.

With US VetWealth, you now have the opportunity to use your pension to create a "War Chest" with a private pension and other investment options that weren't available at lower income and net-worth levels. Not to mention the important and timely need to evaluate the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) decision.

Traditional financial and transition planning has left you forced to make major financial decisions during your military retirement without a full picture of the dangers and opportunities.

It has created stress without any real guidance to help you know you are making the best decision regarding the various financial aspects of your retirement into life without a uniform.

What is the alternative?

US VetWealth has developed a unique approach based on Income Theory, which focuses on protecting your assets, privatizing your financial benefits and strategies, and profiting from your time, talent, and treasure.

This approach provides military retirees with the flexibility, control, and resources needed to maximize their post-military life. Without having to outsource their most important financial decisions to an "expert" for a fee with no real responsibility for the results 30 years from now.

Instead, we consult you to access the advanced strategies used by high-income and high-net-worth Americans every day and give you access to the specialized professionals when you need them without having to pay to keep them on retainer and help you implement customized strategies using the best investment and insurance tools from the top financial institutions available on the market place today.

The most common question retirees ask us is this: 

"Why hasn't my financial advisor helped me prepare for this situation?"

It's simple. They either didn't know because their investment advice model is based on long-term low-income and risk-based assumptions with a very low probability of predictability. Or the firm they represent simply has already made their money by serving their clients the same way they have since before 9/11 and they aren't "allowed" to think differently.

From our perspective, that was a long time ago.

Actually, three years was a long time ago. (Most of us aren't even using the same phones from three years ago.) And their model of planning for 30 years down the road is much too far away to be useful for actionable money management.

The Retirement Theory of saving is outdated.

But the industry is too big (bigger than the military-industrial complex) to make real changes on a large scale. You know how slow real positive improvements and changes move in the military.

Now imagine the financial industry where it's all about money. They think, "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Well, it's BROKE. Our country is broke. We all see it, but no one talks about it. And that leads the majority of savers and investors down a path of mediocrity.

Ask your friends and family who thought they'd be financially independent by now how it's working out?

But... not you. You're sitting on a valuable military pension and other benefits and assets. 

You are not broke.

Regardless of how much you currently have in the bank.

You have time. You have talents. And you have access to a treasure that the retirement theory completely misses.

You need a War Chest. 

By using Income Theory, military retirees can develop a personalized retirement strategy that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. This strategy provides access to trusted resources and mentorship and helps them to make the most of their retirement pay and benefits. With Income Theory, military retirees can gain the entire financial benefit of their military career and create a meaningful impact again when the time is right. 

Every professional in the financial industry has a client or two, or a family member of a client who is, or was a military retiree.

This shouldn't be a surprise. But it is.

And here's why.

The fact that retiring officers are truly the less than 1% who serve a career in the military guarantees their financial situation is completely different than what most financial planners see on a regular basis.

But then what does the CFP model "recommend" you do?

They put you in the box with the other 99%. Completely ignoring the obvious financial dilemma that military retirement presents and blindly accepting the assumption that all the 'benefits' you are offered will be good for you, simply because it's good for the average.

There's a better-than-benefits approach.

And this really doesn't have anything to do with being rich vs being poor. You define that yourself.

What this is about is the truth that statistically military retirees, especially senior officers, are led down a path of mediocrity when it comes to preparing early to maximize their career military service.

The common mistake retiring officers make is to serve too many years to earn retirement pay benefits, and then unknowingly squander this valuable and significant potential wealth-building resource due to unforeseen costs that your current financial strategy wasn't prepared for.

The Military Retirement Blueprint

US VetWealth is the authority for High-Income Military Retirees & High Net Worth Veteran Business Owners seeking privatized tax mitigation, financial risk protection, personal brand profitability & post-military high-income performance consulting so that they can gain the entire financial benefit of their military career and translate it into more opportunities for income or return on investments without sacrificing their family's ability to create generational wealth.

What this means is that you can create a personal knowledge and privatized financial system designed specifically to increase your personal time, talents, and treasure.

And what that really means is that it's time to stop following orders, protect and profit from financial strategies that are "better than benefits" and take responsibility for your full potential so that you can find a way to make a meaningful impact again when the time is right.

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